Menu Swap

In menu planning–as in most things–I have burned a lot of fuel in my initial burst of effort and am now beginning to run out of steam. On the one hand, I have eaten well the past two weeks. I would continue the trend if someone else could cook for me this week. However, I think it is time for a slower week. In fact, my body is insisting on it. I’m finally coming down with some variation of the bug that everyone I know has had. So, drum roll please. Presenting my third menu plan ever.

Monday–beef and broccoli (or an even simpler stir fry if I keep feeling worse.)

Tuesday (Vegetarian)–Sweet potato black bean chili with cornbread

Wednesday–Kale and white bean soup and biscuits

Thursday–Leftover soup (I have class and J has the kids)


Natalie at Gluten Free Mommy is hosting the swap this week. Bananas are her chosen ingredient. It may be time to begin to try degluten my favorite banana bread recipe.

In the next week, besides bringing some of my recipes I previously posted on my other blog over here (too make it simplier for me to find them), I hope to post a Peruvian recipe or two. My husband grew up in the jungles of Peru and seven years ago I was able to travel for three weeks with him and my in-laws to a few different areas of the country. I quickly discovered the trip was all about revisiting favorite restaurants and having favorite dishes. The food is wonderful, diverse, and, best of all, almost completely gluten-free (though a far far cry from starch free. Peruvians have no qualms about having potatoes and rice and maybe even yucca in the same meal).