So, every other week a box is delivered right to my front door full of organic and as local as possible for the season fruits and veggies. It is marvelous. However, it has also been the same season for quite awhile. I’ve gotten a lot of leeks. I’ve gotten a lot of kale. I’ve gotten a lot of potatoes and squashes. I’m looking forward to a new growing season and more variety in my box. At the same time, I hopefully won’t need our box in parts of the summer because Jeff is working on building raised beds out on our front parking strip, complete with their own watering system. It is a rather big project but he keeps plugging away at it week by week. Hopefully this summer we’ll have so many amazing vegetables I’ll have to learn how to can or something.


This week Gluten Free Mommy is hosting the menu swap. Her ingredient of the week is thyme, which I may or may not be able to work into any of my recipes. We shall see. I am making a recipe from Gluten-Free Girl’s blog to celebrate Shauna. She just announced she is pregnant! I am so excited for her. In October when I first learned that I was gluten intolerant, her voice was one of the first that I stumbled upon online. And what a lovely, positive voice it was. I was personally grateful to have finally learned the cause of my illnesses as well as a way to hopefully feel better, but the more I have read online the more negative voices I have come across. People who view food as the enemy. Shauna has none of that. Her words are full of hope and joy and celebration. That is what I needed to hear in those first weeks of learning that I was going to have the change a lot of things in my life, changes that would impact my whole family. The week my doc discovered all those gluten antibodies in my blood also just happened to be the week that Shauna’s book came out. I rushed out and bought it, devoured it, tried a few recipes, and then learned she was local and was teach a class on eating gluten-free at a local food co-op. I went to the class and to an event she and the Chef had at his restaurant that week. It was so encouraging to be able to meet other people face to face who were making the same life changes I was. It was great to be able to ask Shauna some of the specific questions I had. It was encouraging to taste gluten-free hors d’oeuvres at Impromptu and soft, tasty baked goods in her class. All these things gave me the courage to jump off and successfully pursue really good gluten-free eating, the courage to claim that I had the right to feel safe from cross-contamination in my home, and the courage to claim that I could still enjoy eating with friends at my home and theirs.

So, here’s to you, Shauna and the little one growing in you. I’ll be praying for good health to both of you.


MondayJamaican Jerk grilled fish, sweet potato fries, black beans and rice

TuesdayCaldo Verde (Portuguese potato kale soup) and Natalie’s millet oatmeal bread

Wednesday–grilled cheese sandwiches, tomato basil soup and maybe a simple green salad

Thursday–leftovers. I have class and Jeff is with the kids. As long as they have rice, they’ll be fine.

Fridaypork and bean soup, cornbread and salad.

Later this week I hope to post the first version of a rosemary and carmelized onion biscuit recipe I’m playing around with.

And for kicks, here’s a picture of my baby who at the rate she is going won’t be a baby too much longer. I’m so proud of her–she eats about anything I fix. wren-airplane.jpg