Last week was a slow recovery from the good foods of Easter weekend. This weekend was spent writing a resume and filling out an application for a counseling internship. BUT we still need to eat, so here’s my best attempt at a menu for our week:

The Menu

Monday–quinoa, carrot and potato soup. Simple, warm and basic.

Tuesday–black bean and sweet potato tacos

Wednesday–slow cooked Rosemary lamb shanks with garlic potatoes, some other veggie and Kate’s millet quinoa bread, an adaptation of Natalie’s great oat millet bread. (I’m currently out of oats so I’m going into new territory with the quinoa flour)

Thursday–class. Maybe I’ll make a pizza ahead of time.

Friday–Sea’s spinach cottage pie. I’m a sucker for caramelized onions.

It just keeps raining and snowing and being generally nasty here in Seattle. The cherry trees are glorious but who wants to go sit under them when it is 40 degrees and raining? However, I just heard thunder for the second time this week and that almost makes it worthwhile. It almost never thunders here and it is surprising how much I miss it.

I look forward to getting past this season of applying for internships and writing papers. I don’t have much left over for cooking. Of course, then the weather will get nice and I’ll want to stay out on the playground with the kids until the sun goes down. I might just be in trouble until next October.