My two year old (very soon to be 3!) frequently gets the phrases “Thai food” and “tofu” mixed up. In fact tonight–just for the fun of it–I think he was saying “Thai-fu” at the dinner table. Thankfully, he loves both. Me too, and I’d love to have more success at Thai home cooking. So far it has been “good enough” but not the great stuff I can get at some Thai places around here. However I found a recipe tonight that I was pretty happy with and I wanted to put the link here so that I would know how to find it in the future. It was a recipe for Thai stir fry with peanut sauce and tofu. Mostly it was marvelous. It needed a little salt or extra soy sauce and probably a lot more heat. I also think it would have been better with chicken. And, I also tossed some Thai basil in just long enough to wilt it.

I keep hoping to put up a weekly menu and return from my hiatus. Soon.