This week’s menu is finally happening, but not until Tuesday. I’m looking through our cupboards and thinning them out. I think I am finally figuring out what the pantry staples of our gluten free life are. Initially I had to try everything. I’ve finally found my favorites as well as what I have time for on a regular basis. Maybe next week I’ll actually make a list of what is regular eating in our house, snacks and meals, as well as what I benefit from (almost) always having on hand. I’m enjoying other bloggers (such as Gluten Free Mommy, Gluten Free Cooking School and Book of Yum) posting on how they manage their food bills since this is something I’ve had little success at but am ready to begin to tackle.

I will put up a post later this week with a recipe for lasagna.

Short and sweet, the menu:

Monday we grilled out with friends and had chicken kebobs w/ peppers and onions and mushrooms, potato packets with rosemary and leeks, and this amazing salad that had all sorts of fresh herbs in it. Mmmm.

Tuesday: left over aloo gobi (potatoes and cauliflower), dal and rice.

Wednesday: GF lasagna

Thursday: community dinner with a friend whose house hosts these on a regular basis.

Friday: bean soup and cornbread

I hope to make white bean hummus today (TJs has an awesome white bean hummus but it has soy sauce in it). For the kids one of these days I’m going to make a pasta with homemade cheese sauce, broccoli, carrots and peas. It is a fun kid friendly recipe so I’ll try to get that one posted.

Woodland girlCheers!