As excited as I’ve been about gluten free cooking and recreating favorite recipes, I am discovering that the kitchen is not my favorite place to be. Now don’t get me wrong. I enjoy cooking and I’m not half bad at it. The problem is that I enjoy a lot of things that are all vying for my attention. Summer has finally arrived in the NW, the days are deliciously long, and cooking just hasn’t been my highest priority. I think about menu planning but most days we winging it. (That isn’t to say we are not eating well. Last night we had a rich dinner of Southern goodness, tonight tacos with homemade corn tortillas, and Monday involved pasta, stuffed chicken and a marvelous red sauce).

All this to say, these days being outside as much as possible with my kids is winning…as well as those four papers I have left to write for my classes on Professional Ethics and Issues of Abuse. So I dream of creating amazing recipes that I photograph and post every week…but I have to admit that it isn’t happening. I like having flour on my fingers but I’d much, much rather have them covered in acrylic paint. This past week I just completed a large painting for a friend and found such, well, life in the free time (read: children’s nap time) that I spent creating, brush in hand. I must find more time for that. And so my creativity in the kitchen will be more of trying out the recipes of others. I’m really glad I named this site conviviality because I think it still encompasses the ideas of the things I am passionate about, mostly coming together with other people over good food or good conversation or good art or, best of all, all of the above.

I’ve not been blogging because I thought of this as a food blog and I have been writing and painting and playing and, sadly in many moments of these days, just getting by because of still being anemic. However, I find myself longing for a place to write the ice berg tip of the things I love, or to share the quotes that are swimming in my mind that day and need a little more air, or to speak out on something that struck me as beautiful and as deserving of a larger audience.

And I still want to post some recipes from time to time.

So here’s to this being a blog about food, and about painting, and about the things and people that move me and reveal beauty to me.